After the conclusion of a long, tiring several days rounds of negotiations a group of lawyers were sitting in my office after hours and needed to unwind so I offered drinks. Whatcha got I was asked, oh, just about anything you want, we have a fairly complete bar. Ok, I'll have some Jack Daniels. Don't have any I said, but I do have some very good Bourbons to choose from.

She looked at me and in a level voice said, "Most people think of Jack Daniels as whisky, but to me he's an old friend".

Poured her a Van Winkle expression which she liked but her comment stayed with me. To the Country at large What more quintessential expression of Southern hospitality is there than a glass of Jack Daniels.

So we had some dinner guests last night who like Jack for a pre dinner cocktail and I got some for them. Finals were over yesterday, the kids are scattered, I have a day or two of solitude so I thought I would sit down and get reacquainted with Jack in the geeky way understood here. This is not a review, just some observations.

This is a more robust whisky than one would think given the initial heavy charcoal filtering. Due in part I believe to Daniels using several yeast strands to bring out more esters (I'm probably using the incorrect technical term, just saying moreish something) but it has a thickish body with multiple slow legs, The initial aroma is caramel sweet which surprised me, thought I'd get the oak and charcoal influence first, but also got the sweetness on entry and mid palate before the old familiar kicked in. Not what it once was but still recognizable to those who know it, like an aging star athlete who past middle age can still show flashes of prowess on the tennis court.

Clean, straight forward, well made stuff that should stand up well to mixers which is how I expect most folks take it. There's been some posting around here about Jack recently, so I'm glad I had the opportunity for a revisit though I won't be buying the black label for my own use, the green perhaps but that would be a small bottle just to see if rumors of additional copper influence impact my taste buds enough to notice a difference.

Like my Father before me, I prefer Old Grand Dad.