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    VBT for purchase ideas

    Dont know why I havent done this before, but today I looked back through the VBT, found bourbons I have had, and read the descriptions. I am terrible at picking out specific flavors in my bourbons, and I thought this might help me identify some of the bolder tastes. Now I may pour a drink, see if I can identify anything specific, then read others descriptions to find if others are tasting the same things I am. If I ever get good at it, I may also use vbt notes to help me chose my next purchase. Anyone else doing anything like this? I know all palates are different, but is this worth doing to possibly educate myself a little more?

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    Re: VBT for purchase ideas

    Wayyyyy back in the day I used the VBT to ID bottles that I wanted to try. It was a personal buyers guide when I was out of state and in front of some well stocked shelves in Kentucky or Illinois.

    The notes are certainly an added value and a way for you to find others on the forum whose palate aligns with yours.
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    Re: VBT for purchase ideas

    The notes are an encouragement to pay closer attention to what we're casually drinking at home.
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