I try very hard not to like Jefferson's products. P&MLiquorsEric talking about KY prices talked me into gambling. And I was afraid I'd regret missing trying it more than wasting $$ on something nasty.

This one took me by surprise. There's been very few canadians I've liked. I expected stout flavors from a 25 yo old rye. This one was mild, sophisticated. It's got the carvone nose & flavors (rye bread) one gets from old time ryes found in products made years ago. I expected heavy wood, but almost no wood present. It does have maturity that comes from something sitting in barrel for a long time. Lots of different subtle flavors. Not a strong aftertaste, but a pleasent lingering goodness.

Age old question, is it worth the $$? For most everybody, no, go for the Jefferson's 10 year instead. However, if you've already tasted lots of different things, like to experiment, and don't mind the price.... But if you're a rockstar, please don't mix it with coke or sprite.