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    Just a few neat airplane bottles from years past

    Good evening to all,
    My local tobacconist -who knows I enjoy bourbon- gave me a few airplane bottles to enjoy along with a brief story of where they came from. Evidently his wife's grandmother passed away and they have gotten around to going through things in her house. He ran across two boxes full of airplane bottles of bourbon and scotch. If you notice two of the bottles are empty- I drank the Heaven Hill and gave the Old Taylor to my father. The Heaven Hill was amazing and really tasted like someone had melted down a bag of caramels and poured into the bottle. The Old Taylor-according to my father- was quite nice and packed a nice punch-his words.

    What I was hoping for bit of help on was trying to come up with some sort of date on these. My tobacconist believes them to be at least 30 years old. I am not sure so any help would be appreciated-hope you enjoy the pictures.
    Best to all.
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