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    Re: Las Vegas Cigar Show

    Now that's a week. In contrast,I spent the week travelling to Jersey. I was lucky enough to get to NY just long enough to get my shipment of Hirsch that Sam's shipped to my sister's house. I picked up bourbon that had more air miles than I did. I attempted to smoke a cigar at the hotel in Jersey and was told that cigars were banned, even in a smoking room and the bar, both of which allow cigarettes and cheap perfume. I couldn't wait to get back to the Blue Grass.

    I was dismayed to find that this is also the case in the casino poker rooms. Cheap-O cigarettes are allowed, but cigars are banned. What is happening??? Cigars and poker... a classic American pastime... now banned. Go figure.

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    Re: Las Vegas Cigar Show

    Cigars, BOURBON , and poker. . .now what could be more american than that.

    Tom (damn the politicians) C



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