I often came to SB to learn in the past,though many things have changed and members have come and gone the essential core and wealth of knowledge is still here.We are the here and now and most importantly the future.I would like to set up this section as a place for you to share your own personal knowledge for others to learn from and also enjoy.Dave Ziegler has done a wonderful job here so far. I'm not looking for anything that in depth,but more so a brief overview of iconic names of the past and their contribution towards our native spirit of today.

J.W.Dant 1820-1902

J.Dant like so many other bourbon icons was not born into the lineage of a distilling family,instead he started his journey as a lowly blacksmith.His English family roots was actually proceeded by multiple generations of farmers.Dant turned to distilling in 1836 in what is to be later be known as Dant Station.He used and produced his own grain from the nearly 200 acre farm apon which he had settled.Joseph was also best know for using the "Log Method" of distilling versus the far more common yet more expensive Pot Still.The "Log Method" is essentially a section of a tree trunk that is hollowed with a copper pipe running through the length of it,the open cavity would be filled with mash and steam fed through the pipe would start the distillation process.

Dant remained in the family for many years as George his son was the last to operate the distillery into the early 1900's,of course it has since been bought and sold several times until Heaven Hill made the final acquisition in 1993.The Dant name has made it a long way,from 1836 until present day.

I personally truly enjoy this aspect of bourbon and the roots from which this humble spirit began,add as you see fit with the names,legends and history of some of these often long forgotten men.