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Thread: Sour Mash Bill

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    Re: Sour Mash Bill

    Quote Originally Posted by Kpiz View Post
    The other fellas answered you pretty well about mashbills, but you seem to also be asking about the sour mash process, which is a separate thing than mashbill. Mashbill refers to the grains used, while sour mash refers to the way the mash is started. Sour mash means that some backset from the prior batch is used to start the current batch, and there are numerous reasons for doing so, which are explained pretty well here by Denver Distiller: http://adiforums.com/index.php?showtopic=1550&page=2. The alternative is sweet mash, which I think just means that each batch begins anew without the aid of byproducts from prior mashes/distillations
    Thank you. While the previous answers were very insightful, this is the one I was seeking. I should have been more clear in my question. I was aware of the process of using backset (I home brew beer) but never realized it was referred to as Sour Mash. Learn something everyday!

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    Re: Sour Mash Bill

    Quote Originally Posted by Flyfish View Post
    . That's why I try to withhold judgment until I have sampled at least a half bottle. Experience tells me that it is quite likely that I will like it better and better as I go along so I try to be patient.
    This is why I always save my tasting notes on a bottle until its at about 1/3d full. Then I take my notes and bring the last bit to share out at a weekly meeting with friends.

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    Re: Sour Mash Bill

    Sorry, but I can't delete this post
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    Re: Sour Mash Bill

    So what does a distillery use for back set when they come back from being down for maintenance? They borrow some from another distillery that is already running.
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    Re: Sour Mash Bill

    They use a water mash. Instead of thinning the mash with backset or thinset it is called sometimes, they add water. This is sweet mash. I am told makers mark will not make a water mash, they borrow stillage. All distillers who sour mash have to make either a water mash at some point or back off the thinset say halfway and add water. Things will build up in the mash like acetic acid hindering the yeast. You can tell when you need to do it. Us for example, set our mash between 4 and 4.5. Usually 4.5, when you start hitting around 4 or even 3.9, you neeed to back off and add water. The ph we run is really low, more like they used to run. Sour in KY is now 5.



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