So, I'm new to the group and I've been experimenting with different bourbons. Today I tried some Southern Comfort. I kinda remember way back when I drank the stuff, and I remember seeing bottles at every party I went to in high school. Anyway, these were the only memories of Southern Comfort I had till today. Now I know why we drank this sickly sweet brew. Way back when, if somebody took a drink of bourbon at a party, they would make this weird face and swallow, even though they looked like they wanted to spit it out, or worse -- myself included. After all these years, around 50 to be exact,and being older and wiser, I poured myself a glass, sat back and let it drift over my tongue and down the gullet. OMG! Sweet is an understatement, and it was obvious why it was so popular back then. Want to get your girlfriend drunk? Bring a bottle of Southern Comfort to the party.

While this brought back a lot of memories, I'm now looking forward to moving on in my search for the perfect bourbon. I think I'll put this bottle away and bring it out the next time a guest tells me they don't like the taste of bourbon. Or, if luck would have it and I find myself dating an eighteen-year-old again.