There have been some very interesting subjects discussed on the forum lately and this has caused me to do a great deal of thinking . Now, I want everyone to know this is just my opinion but in years gone by they distilled at lower proofs which has lead many to believe "put it in the barrel at lower proof you get more flavor". I have tasted a few bourbons from the past and you would swear that the statement is true as they were really good, but, unfortunately it cannot be said for every bottling. I have also tasted bourbon from the same era that was awful . So, it seems to me it was a "hit and miss" proposition. Today, however, it is not "hit and miss". Everyone knows the flavors come from the conigers-good and bad. If you get too many bad you wake up with a "grand-daddy" of them all headaches. Too few and you do not get much taste. The way our master distillers are making it now is absolutely an art, along with a lot of other help, of course. For example, you can take some of the bourbon today (and I don't necessarly mean the high dollar end) for instance WT, Buffalo Trace,AAA 10 YO, VOB or HH just to name a few and put up against any bourbon of the past. Agreed, sometimes, the old bottlings will out-point the new, but rarely. I believe it was not such an art back then as it was just plain luck as they did not have the consistency as we enjoy today. For me, I will take the new!! And here's to you