Happy New Year Everybody!

Thanks to a suggestion from a fellow member here, the BOTM to kick off 2014 is Colonel E H Taylor Small Batch.

My notes, whether anyone cares or not;

Nose: There's some BT familiarity on the nose, but also something a little different. There's the BT mustiness that I like, but it's somewhat muted to me. The musty aroma (wood and leather) that I like is pretty much overshadowed by the pepper/tobacco that's present. What rounds the nose out for me, is a little nuttiness and a hint of something sweet that I can't quite put my finger on.

Taste: I really like bourbons that are in the 100 proof range, and I usually find that I have no problems whatsoever with bourbons of that proof. This one was a little eye opening for me at first. It was a bit hotter than I expected. The pepper and tobacco flavors were the most noticeable, along with a combination of candy corn on steroids (maybe that was the sweetness on the nose I didn't get at the time?), spice, and just a hint of that burnt cookie or pie crust flavor that I love. I wish there would have been more of the burnt cookie/pie crust flavor instead of the pepper/tobacco. I think that would have evened the flavor out for me quite nicely.

Finish: I really can't say that it was warming, because I thought it was a bit hot from the get go. Ah hell, I'll say it anyway. A warming finish with the candy corn and tobacco/pepper flavors mellowing out some and the spice coming out more. And here's where it got a little more weird for me. This is also where a wood flavor, and some alcohol/citrus showed up. (Kinda like a HH product?) Like I said, weird. Not what I'd call a long finish, but not a short one either. Just a nice, medium ending. Yeah I know.

Added notes: My palate may have been a bit off when I had my first pour of the Taylor Small Batch. I'm not sure, but at the time, I would have sworn that this was a wheater in disguise. I let this one sit a few days after my first couple of pours, and low and behold everything kinda mellowed out a bit, just like when you let a wheater sit for a while after opening it. Whatever the reason, this one changed a lot for me after the first taste. Complex flavors with a lot going on. A bit hard to really figure out. I know all this sounds like I don't like this bourbon so much. I actually do like it for the most part though. I think it's decent. Decent, but not great. Here's a couple of maybe's just for good measure. Maybe a little more time in the barrel would help this one out some. Maybe I'm just spoiled by wheaters, and other bourbons that aren't quite so hard to figure out. Maybe I should quit going on and on, and let the rest of you chime in with your thoughts.

Cheers, have some fun, happy posting, and again, Happy New Year!