This is one I've enjoyed and am on my second bottle. On the nose, I get an initial hit of alcohol and that fruity BT rye with an undercurrent of caramel and a little peppery character. Most of that carries through on the palate, though the caramel steps forward a bit. The fruity element on the nose is more berry, but on the palate it's more date. I pick up some oak in the mid-palate but it's not overly woody. The peppery element from the nose is missing on the palate but returns on the finish, which is a bit more bitter than I would prefer but it's not unpleasant. To me, this is very good and similar to some of the good private barrels of BT I've had. If I had more access to those, those would be more appealing due to the price differential but I don't know of anyone in this area doing barrel picks. That said, I can see a third bottle of this in my future.