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Thread: Cocktail Nazis

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    Cocktail Nazis

    I love a good bourbon sipped neat, but I hardly ever pour it over rocks, maybe because the cold makes the spirit taste too dry for my palate.

    If I want it cold, then I whip up a cocktail, with my faves being the Manhattan and Old Fashioned. On a hot day, a Bourbon Buck serves quite nicely to beat the heat in style and with flavor.

    On the cigar forum that I frequent, when somebody mentions making a cocktail with bourbon, there are a couple of guys with apparently limited palates who think that it is a SACRILEGE to mix "good" bourbon with anything...what am I supposed to do?...keep shitty bourbon around for cocktails?

    I try to ignore their pathetic jack-booted tirades and just pass it off as a limited education...

    Meanwhile, I'll continue to enjoy cocktails made with high-proof bourbons like Booker's, WLW, RR101, WT101, OFBIB, ORWV 107, etc...


    PostScript: being the Newbie I am, I apparently missed the fact that this prolly should have gone in the Cocktail room...my bad!
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