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    Michter\'s US1 Unblended American Whiskey *Tasting Notes*

    Out of curiosity both before and after reading Omarís post about a review done on this whiskey in the Times, I decided to grab a bottle to try for myself and here are my initial impressions.

    Name: Michterís US1 Unblended American Whiskey

    Info: Michterís Batch No. 3E2

    Distillery: Bottled by Michterís American Whiskey Co. Bardstown, KY

    Cost: $28 plus tax from Winfield-Flynn in Manhattan, NYC.

    Proof: 83.4, (41.7% Alcohol by Volume).

    Bottle: Rather nice and unique looking bottle with a thick flared neck around the cork. See photo below.

    Color: A very deep and almost intense red-amber color. I find it shocking it is as dark and robust as it is especially since it is aged in used bourbon barrels.

    Body: Somewhat thin, not much clinging going on here as I swirl it around in my Riedel bourbon glass. Rather than nice Ďdripsí I simply get clinging Ďspotsí.

    Nose: The nose is one of the most beautiful things about this whiskey. Immediately upon uncorking the bottle the aromas jump out at you. First I detected butter, almost like buttered popcorn. Upon continued sniffing and a bit more swirls in the glass it really opened up and gave way to almonds, almost those candies sweet almonds with that sugary coating that you can get at street fairs and carnivals. Also noticed were hints of vanilla in the background. Definitely different than any bourbon I have ever tried.

    Taste: Hereís where unfortunately my untrained palate came into play. I have a hard time putting into words what is going on here. I taste corn, almost in a whitedog sort of way but not with that alcohol burn in the mouth. This is one sweet smooth sipping whiskey. I really enjoyed letting this one sit in my mouth a bit longer than normal, slowly allowing it to roll back and forth from the tip of my tongue to the back of my mouth. I can still make out a rich almost buttery-vanilla taste with all the sweetness that was in the nose.

    Finish: I found it to be rather smooth with little burnÖ Very little. Keep in mind, it is a relatively low proof whiskey compared to what I am used to but still, for the rich bouquet it has, you would think it is a much higher proof bourbon.

    Overall: This is one truly unique product. You have to remember this is not a product of the now gone Michterís in PA so donít try and relate it to Hirsch or anything like that. I was skeptical at first as to how good something could really be that was made in reused bourbon barrels and bottled at a low proof. I personally usually enjoy higher proof bourbons. But for the price, wonderful nose and smooth sweet taste this whiskey has I would probably get another bottle sometime down the road and suggest to others if they have the chance to find a bottle for under $30 give it a try yourself. I think youíll be just as surprised as I was.
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