I got my local whiskey monger to order in a few bottles. It is being pushed pretty hard. It is good corn whiskey, but a little hot on the finish. The nose and initial taste are identical to the glen thunder we are making off our new still, but ours has not burn like that. The burn surprised me. Here is my theory. Oils in a whiskey cover up any burn a whiskey may have. With the chill charcoal filtering they do, it removes those oils. Now I have never tried a whiskey unaged that has been maple charcoal filtered, but there was no hint of sootiness at all. And it amazes me what a few years in a charred oak barrel will do. My impression to was Dickel distills to a lower proof. I would have loved to have tasted this without the filtration. All in all though, it is enjoyable and well worth the 19 bucks I paid.