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    Smile Hello, from Kentucky!

    I just got into bourbon a few months ago and I love it! Because I turned 21 the middle of last year I'm quite new to whiskey, although I've drank craft beers for MUCH longer . I started off trying single malt scotch, my first and only bottle being Glenlivet 12. My first bottle of bourbon was Knob Creek and I LOVED it. So far I have tried Knob Creek, Rowans Creek, Elijah Craig 12, and Larceny. I plan on picking up a bottle of Buffalo Trace this weekend, its on sale for $22 at the local Rite Aid. I'm fortunate to be a couple hours away from the distilleries, I plan on touring a few this coming spring break from college. I hope to learn a lot from this site, and look forward to doing so.

    I've always liked whiskey neat, and wouldn't and haven't had it any other way.
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