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Welcome to the board, Osborne! Glad to have you join in. You'll certainly learn from some of the knowledgeable folks here... and maybe educate a few of the rest of us in the process. A fresh viewpoint is always a good thing.
Note: you (or anybody) don't always need to drink your drams neat (no such rule exists). Most of us often do; but some drams can be a cghallenge, especially the really high-proof barrel strength monsters like George T. Stagg, or his little brother William Larue Weller. Even Booker's can be sharp for some palates. So, keep an open mind and try new things. Remember: The Journey is the Destination!
Thanks! I don't think I would enjoy it with ice, and definitely not mixed with anything it just seems a waste. I had my window open a bit during a cold night with my glass sitting by it, my dram got chilly and it almost tasted terrible almost slimy. So I couldn't imagine ice just hindering the flavor even more being colder and just diluting it. I can see adding a few drops of water for cask strength, but I'll have try them neat first .