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Been battling congestion and a sore throat for the past few days so I haven't been reaching for anything too good since my taste buds are all wonky, so Evan Williams Black over some crushed ice has been the nightly pour--cool, slightly antiseptic, alcohol to kill the germs....it's definitely better than a salt water gargle for a sore throat!
Right with ya there buddy... I see we're in the same location. The ridiculous unseasonal spell of dry air here has been doing the same to me, and several others I know.

EW black label happens to be one of my favorite bourbons for drinking over ice. As to whether you should... it's often all about climate. If you live where it's hot, ice is usually going to happen. I live inland, so it's hot more often than not.

My personal rules:

- Brand new pours are always neat in the Glencairn.
- Ice is only for well-known pours, where I know what I'm missing when the ice obliterates the nose. Ice is like an atomic bomb that acts on what you can smell in a spirit.
- Ice is also for dud purchases, where it will dull off-putting notes. Thankfully, pretty rare these days.
- Ice is as far as I go with desecrating a whiskey... I never put it in Coke. Rum in Coke is fine, but I've never liked it with whiskey of any kind.