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Is drinking bourbon neat a relatively new phenomenon that came about as whiskey went from something that people just drank to something that people "experienced"? I always find it interesting to see how the dudes drank their whiskey back in the day where manly men drank in their offices and would encourage their secretaries' good work with a nice pat on the rump. From what I've read (and if Mad Men is to be believed), ice with whiskey was almost automatic. I know Sinatra's drink of choice was JD on the rocks and in Mad Men they always asked the secretaries to bring them ice.

I admit that on lower/mid shelf pours I almost always put them on ice assuming their proof is 100 or above. Sometimes I feel like I'm not manly enough when I do it. But if the guys who beat the Germans and Japanese in an away game drank their whiskey on the rocks who am I to deviate?
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It was, in my Father's time virtually all whisky drinks were served over ice with mixers (of course that didn't include martinis), most commonly in highballs. The only high proof spirits consumed straight were after dinner drinks such as brandy, cognac or liqueurs.
Yep, that's why I said I was messing with you about the ice Bing. Personally, I don't do it often, if ever, but I'm just weird like that. I laugh to my self a little when I see others demanding that you not add ice or water. I'm with Squire when he says drink it how you like it.

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Also like bourbon with a local honey. But my wife objects.

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It's a very small can and I have to make it last.
I hope you have some sample bottles to save some in so you can have a taste a few years down the road.