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    Re: Hirsch Selection (13year rye)


    You nailed it.

    Thanks for the memory jogger.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

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    Re: Hirsch Selection (13year)

    I'm reading this as I'm sipping VWFRR from my soon-to-be-depleted bottle, and I'm thinking 'I need to look for some of this!' I don't recall ever seeing the Hirsch rye bottling around here, but I think I'm going to be keeping my eyes open hereafter.

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    Re: Hirsch Selection (13year)

    I have a bottle, unopened, of the 13 YO Hirsch Rye. The back Label says Lot 00-1. I'm guessing this was a fairly limited bottling.

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    Re: Hirsch Selection (13year rye)

    A few years ago, when I thought I had a lifetime supply of rye, I did a couple of bottlings of my rye under the "Hirsch Selection" label. I did this bottling for Henry Preiss who at the time was my CA wholesaler. He used the "Hirsch Selection" trademark while Tim Hue in Covington, KY used the A.H. Hirsch bourbon label. Henry actually snuck in and trademarked the HS label.
    I would bottle Preiss's rye, then finish up with mine, so the whiskey should be identical for certain bottlings.

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    Re: Hirsch Selection (13year rye)

    I am totally unfamiliar with this bottling guys. What can you share with us regarding this bottling? With the Hirsch and Van Winkle names associated with it, I would have to assume that it would be a winner. Is it?
    I have sampled a bottle of both. They are both excellent rye whiskeys, not two cents worth of difference between the two. But, the Hirsch is about $15 per bottle more expensive here in Washington. Guess which one I buy when I have the chance?

    Regards, jimbo

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    Hirsch 13yr Rye

    OK, old thread, but I passed this bottle up today because once again, I wasn't sure if it was worth grabbing! I'll go back and get it tomorrow!




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