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    I just opened an EC12 and I have a WT open too, and between these two bottles EC wins easily. YMMV of course since both of these are known to be fairly variable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPBoston View Post

    My #1 favorite bourbon, with value included (under $25).... is still probably Fighting Cock. For years I thought it must be rot-gut, due to the logo, name, and price. But when I finally gave it a whirl...... WOW, what a value!!! I usually get a great caramel sweetness up front, with the rye kick, that somehow melds back to the sweet range again. I don't think I've ever gotten that sweet-spice-sweet from anything under $50 per bottle.
    it's not one of what he was asking about, but I agree with you on FC. But, you have to be a fan of both the HH profile AND like a good kick that seems higher than the proof point indicates. If you ever find yourself with a pour of HH6BIB and enjoying it but thinking to yourself, "I wish this had a bit more bite to it", grab a FC.

    back on topic, its been so long since Ive had either I cant honestly say either way. All I remember is woody for EC12 and typical for WT101

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    I just finished off a WT101 and I have to say I enjoyed it. Not mind blowing but a really good expression of a classic bourbon profile. If a first-timer was curious about what bourbon was like this would be a perfect example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 393foureyedfox View Post
    it's not one of what he was asking about,
    A) I did open my post with "since we're throwing out random options".

    B) I already previously answered his direct question.


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    For current bottles my pick would be EC12. If you have access to some older WT101 it would be a toss-up.

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