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I'm not concerned what the whisky tastes like, I will never open them and don't care for Jack, I'm a Woodford or pappy fan myself.
Nowhere did I ever say I was trying to sell them, but i appreciate all of you assuming I am trying to sell them on here. Like I stated before, if I was trying to sell them I would if found a for sale section or said they were for sale. Talk about jumping the gun.

I'll take my collection of whisky and bourbons and go elsewhere. I hope your ask aren't this rude to all new members, doesn't bode well for the hobby.
Thank you sailor for explaining our a little bit to me target than losing some jackass comment that doesn't help at all.
Most new members don't ask for valuation of a bottle before they even say hello.

And if a) you don't intend to drink and b) you don't intend to sell, why in the world do you want to know the value of these bottles?