About a month ago I got a few bottles of older whiskey. I already did a tasting with the 1968 Virginia Gentleman. This time the tasting was with 2 bottles of George Dickel #12 I also received. The first is a 1964 Powder Horn bottle that commemorated the opening of the redone distillery. The second was a bottle from 1974.
The 1964 and 1974 were both pretty similar. They both had a nice sweet vanilla with some spice on the nose. Tasting them they both had a nice big oily mouth feel. Definitely bigger than nowadays. They both had some nice spice up front with a subdued vitamin taste at the end. The 64 had a nice char taste at the end. Both had a medium finish that lasted and had a sweet finish.

I tried a 2013 Dickel 12 after these 2 and the 2013 is definitely sweeter with a more pronounced vitamin taste. Definitely in the same family and actually fairly similar even after 50 years. I know Dickel is using the same stills and has not updated the distillery with computers. The taste has evolved a little bit but you can still tell that its Dickel