Another round of whisk(e)y tastings and today it was international week with whisky from Japan, Australia, Wales and a bit unexpectedly from India. It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it...

Wednesday tasting 26FEB14.JPG

We began with a Nikka 21 Taketsuru. Very tasty yet delicate whisky with maybe a wisp of smoke and fruit but a nice long pleasant finish. That was followed by Yanazaki 18 and 12. The 18 was definitely the winner among the Japanese whisky with a bit more complexity and another long finish with more spice at the end. All were well balanced easy drinking whisky but only the 18 provided a wow moment in the group.

We then moved on to Wales for a couple of Penderyn whisky tastings. The standard Madiera finished whiskey was good but finished with a little bit of bitterness that was off putting to some. The Sherrywood finish was far more complex with delightful fruit notes and a long pleasant finish that everyone preferred.

Then was down under for several Australian whiskies. I was concerned about whether these would hold their own against the Japanese whiskey but they proved up the the task. The Smaith Angaston 12yo 2000 vintage was quite unique but well regarded by all. Plenty of fruit notes presumed to be from sherry hogsheads and full bodied with solid mouthfeel and finish. The Lark Port cask was more mixed but several, including myself liked the port finish and the nce finish it provided. The Sullivans Cove Double Cask had potential but seemed a bitthin at 80 proof (although all others were between about 86 and 92 proof, no high proof whisky here!). Finished with a gift pack of Hellyers Road unpeated, slightly peated and peated. The later two seemed very Islay like and most enjoyable.

As we were tasting two new Amrut Indian whiskies arrived and we got to try Portnova port finished cask strength (120+ and very good! Needed a bit of water though) and Amrut 100, a peated whiskey and a bit of a gimmick aged 100 months and bottled at 100 British proof (114.2 proof to us. But still hot even with water). This seemed a bit hard to tame and a little unbalanced.

And now it is time for a nap...