The George Dickel White Corn Whiskey is the first legal “moonshine” that I find actually drinkable. I can sit down with this and drink it neat or over ice and its very enjoyable. There is a lot of corn and sweetness on the nose. There is some nice cream corn flavors with some sweetness in the taste. Not as much sweetness as in the regular GD but its there. There is no vitamin taste at all. Not sure how that gets into the regular stuff. It has nice short finish but leaves corn in the aftertaste. Really good stuff

The Jack Daniels white dog I have is from the tasting kits JD sent out to distributors many years ago. It has bottles of one day old Jack white dog both before and after charcoal mellowing. The one I had tonight was the after for a fair comparison. This wasn’t meant for mass consumption so it isn’t as refined as the GD. The nose is a little sharper if that makes any sense. There is some decent corn flavor with a hint of charcoal in it. The finish is a little longer with corn and char in the aftertaste. Definitely not as sweet as the GD. This one was 86 proof (GD is 91).

Both are good and nice to taste it prior to barreling. I’m going to get another couple bottles of the Dickel as I can see myself actually drinking this semi-regularly