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    Re: Is Bulleit 10 a flop?

    I thought regular Bulleit was very good. So I sprung for the 10 year. I was disappointed. What makes it worse is the $$ I spent. Think I can ask Tom Bulleit for a refund?

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    Re: Is Bulleit 10 a flop?

    Doubtful that Tom is allowed a say in the matter.
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    Re: Is Bulleit 10 a flop?

    Quote Originally Posted by miller542 View Post
    Wow. I'd buy at least one at that price. But considering EC12 is older, higher proof, and about $10 less, I guess it makes sense B10 sits.
    Yes, along with a few other options that are more attractive (to me, at least). OFBB is around the same price, 8-year 1792 is still available at under $20--not to mention 4R1B for less than 10-year bulleit. Normally I would be curious about a 10-year bourbon I have not tried, but based on what I have read I can't help but view it as a mediocre, overpriced version of 4R1B.

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    Re: Is Bulleit 10 a flop?

    OK whiskey. Will not be a repeat purchase for me, though. Simply, nothing really stands out for me with it. Then, throw in the price...

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    Re: Is Bulleit 10 a flop?

    I would tend to agree with Joe on this one.A little too drinkable and forgettable and throw in the higher price compared to any and all regular release FR product and at an oddball proof and it was a one hit wonder for me as well.
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    Re: Is Bulleit 10 a flop?

    I guess if you want a positive spin on it, at least there's a brand ADDING an age statement. Not particularly old and the price doesn't really make sense to me, and to my tastes it's just OK, but it's not something I'd ever purchase for myself.

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    Re: Is Bulleit 10 a flop?

    Picked up a bottle for a buddy of mine to celebrate him having a kiddo on the way. I knew he liked Bulleit and it was in a box so works well as a gift.

    This guys a consultant who drinks quite a bit each week, and I don't think he's had more than a few pours out of it.

    I think its an awkward place in its quality for the price. Doesn't want to mix it because of its premium price, but there's nothing about it that brings you back for a nice neat/rocks drink.



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