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green apple? Never heard that one before! I really dont get that one, especially since green-apple is the worst candy flavor ever, to me.

I don't know how else to describe the unique taste/aroma I get from Dickel products. Maybe, with my admittedly poor sensory attributes, it just hits me wrong. The description is as close as I can come to what it reminds me of. Does Dickel make products that seem rather different than any other whiskey to you?... or maybe it's just me.

thats okay.....i absolutely dont get most of the descriptions used by bourbon connoisseurs to describe it. Blackberries? dried dark fruit? orange? grahm cracker? nutmeg? either some people are far more imaginative than I, or I just dont pick up on things that specific.

I dont think Dickel compares to anything else on the shelf, it is a very peculiar profile that either you like it or you dont. I just wish they offered more varieties of their profile. the D12 90 proof is good, but a bit subdued to me. the 9 year 103 proof is damn good to me, but I think 110 proof would be about perfect with the Dickel profile.