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RI has some 8/86 left. I've bought a case for the bunker but it's going away here as well. My go to budget bourbon to bring to a party and toss the cap away was OF BiB. It used to be $12 a bottle and the 100 proof stood up to mixers, ice and water without wilting. It was my drink of choice last summer - a big ice cube and three fingers of OF BiB made the heat bearable. But I'm told it's being discontinued so that the stocks can go into Larceny. Doesn't make me happy. I bought the last case in the state - I'm told although there may still be some floating around various stores. I took a bottle of FRYL to a party last night - it was well received and at $17 a bottle it might be my new value bourbon.
Wait a minute. Old Fitz BiB is being discontinued?