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I've had the opportunity to have some old PA ryes from the 1900's to 1970's and I can tell you there is very little on the market like them. The Van Winkle Family Reserve is about as close as I can think of readily. The baby Saz reminds me of some of the basic, younger stuff. The DSP 354 Rittenhouse has a hint of eastern PA rye flavor and the DSP 1 stuff reminds me a tad of western PA stuff. Give Dad's Hat Rye a few more years and they will be making a very good rendition of a western PA rye (Their product is already really tasty and I'd recommend a bottle of you can find one!). Wild Turkey rye and Beam rye are sort of their own animals and really don't remind me of any of the samples I've had of the old stuff- but that doesn't necessarily make them bad.
Any insight on how the high % Canadian Ryes (whistlepig, jeff10) and LDI (Bulleit, Dickel) compare to the PA styles?