Last night at a Mardi Gras Ball it hit me why some people shy away from bourbon (and whiskeys in general). One of my best friends (that I try to get to drink my bourbon all of the time) said to me how do you drink that "stuff". I told him, it's not like taking a shot of jagermeister when we were in high school or college, this is something that you want to taste. And without really thinking about it I told him to take a "little sip" and let it sit in his mouth for a couple of seconds. (now I'm sure at this point all of you are thinking about "sitting in his mouth for a couple of seconds" get over it. Not to say that I didn't laugh about that statement for about two minutes my self).
To give you a little more background at this party I brought my own bourbon in. Old Rip Van Winkle 10-year-old and the latest Parkers Heritage addition. They tend to only have Jim Beam and what most bartenders think is Bourbon Jack Daniels.

After he took a "little sip" he told me I think I get it. Then later that night after drinking a whole glass of Old Rip van Winkle he told me "I think you converted me to a bourbon drinker". Now, I don't want to flood the market with new bourbon drinkers, God knows there are plenty of new ones coming in every day. But it made me realize that little sips is why we enjoy bourbon so much. I guess that's why I have some bottles that have been around for 6 to 8 months and 20 other ones that are open waiting for me to empty them.

It's all about little sips from each bottle and enjoying it.

PS , those of you that may not know what "Mardi Gras" is, Google it.
Basically it's a bunch of us Louisiana Coon Asses having an expensive party.