Last night at a Mardi Gras Ball it hit me why some people don't drink bourbon or whiskey. A good friend of mine that I try to get to drink bourbon all of the time, asked me how do I drink that "stuff". I said this is not like a shot of jagermeister that we would shoot when we were in high school or college. This is something that you actually want to taste. And without thinking about it I said take a "little sip" and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds. (Now, I know what most of you or thinking about the "and hold it in his mouth for a few seconds" comment.... Get over it). Not to say that I didn't laugh about two minutes myself.
After drinking a whole glass of bourbon he told me "I get it now". Not that I am trying to recruit more bourbon drinkers (God knows plenty of them are coming on board every day).

To give you a little background about this type of party they usually only have Jim Beam and what most bartenders seem to think is bourbon, Jack Daniels.
So I brought my own bourbon to drink, Old Rip Van Winkle 10-year-old, and the latest Parkers Heritage addition.
But it made me realize that "little sips" is why I have 12 open bottles that take me 6 months to a year to drink.

Its all all about "Little Sips" and enjoying each bottle.

PS for those of you that don't know what Mardi Gras is, Google it.
It's basically a bunch of us Louisiana Coon Asses having an expensive party.