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    Hi from NY and a Four Roses ???


    So quick question. I love the FRSB but for the life of me i cant figure out which recipe (of the 10) my bottle is and i feel like its on the label and i just keep missing it somehow. Is it that all standard FRSB are the same one and only private selection ones can be different?

    thanks for any info.

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    Re: Hi from NY and a Four Roses ???

    The FR single barrel 100 proof is always OBSV. Barrel proof selections from FR can be from the 9 other recipes as well.

    You may wish to check out the Whiskey Tree thread at the top of the General Bourbon forum or the Four Roses 10 Recipes discussion that is stickied to the Premium/Specialty forum for more info.
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    Re: Hi from NY and a Four Roses ???

    Welcome from a fellow New Yorker.

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    Re: Hi from NY and a Four Roses ???

    Welcome to the conversation BonVivant! Glad to have you aboard.
    Ox has given you good advice. The Whiskey Tree is invaluable!



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