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Their are more ways to lower EC levels. Some fed yeast mash with triple 13 fertilize which had urea, which turned into EC when distilled. EC is just urethane.
EC was also attacked at other sources. The UK, for example, has barley varieties that are approved for brewing, but not for distilling. These barleys are high in glycosidic nitrile, a GC precursor for grain fermentations.

I think that the single biggest change in American distilling was discarding the practice of bacterial fermentation----the Pediococcus you mention, as well as introducing fresh Lactobacillus at the old Seagrams plant together with yeast.

I think Finger Lakes is very ahead of the curve in your use of the Column still. I get a kick out of the new distillers that make pejorative comments abut column stills based on their 15 minutes of distilling experience. Can't wait for the results, Tom.