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    Just received a bottle of the infamous Batch 1 Redemption BP

    As many of you probably know, the Smoky Beast unleashed a blistering review of Redemption Rye Barrel Proof 6 yr. Many, including myself, have had quite a different impression of Redemption BP Rye and think it's very very good. Some have explained the Smoky Beast negative review as being attributable to a bad first batch.

    My first bottle of Redemption BP (batch 2) was running low, and it being one of my favorite ryes, I ordered a replacement bottle. I was surprised when it arrived today to find that it was from the infamous batch 1. I briefly considered sending it back unopened. Then I thought it worth the price of admission just to sample this evil dragon acid for purposes of wordly experience and education.

    I poured batch 1 (120.8 proof) and batch 2 (121.3 proof) side by side, smelled, and tasted.

    I detected no difference between the two.

    Batch 1 Redemption Barrel Proof 6 year is an excellent rye whiskey.

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    Re: Just received a bottle of the infamous Batch 1 Redemption BP

    Thanks for sharing! I've only ever tried batch 3, and like it quite well. Might have been a bad sample, or - just not in Smokey Beast's wheelhouse. While it seems more likely to come across great reviews for something I find only ordinary, makes sense that some go the other way. Glad you tried it rather than returning it! Goes to show the only way any of us will know is to try it for ourselves!
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    Just received a bottle of the infamous Batch 1 Redemption BP

    I was there when he opened that bottle and it sucked.. Actually sucked is way too kind of a description of it as my pour ended up being poured out. A few months later i reluctantly tried batch 2 and it was decent but nothing special. And to clarify it was a full bottle he purchased off a store shelf not a sample.



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