After reading a good deal of online hype I took the plunge and picked up a bottle of the Lot 40 Canadian Rye, 2012 release ($60). It's an all-rye mashbill (90% rye, 10% malted rye), age statement unknown but it's not a total baby. Classic rye nose, with more floral scents than I normally get from Canadian 100% rye mashbills (Jeff10, WP). They also avoid the mint-bomb effect that 100% rye can bring out. Flavor was sweeter than I expected- not overwhelmingly so but a balance to the rye spices that was really nice. How did they get that without any corn? Finish was long and lip-smacking, mind shouting "take another sip!".

This may sound crazy but it reminded me of a younger version of the Saz 18. There's a nice balance of sweet and spice, all the flavors are more dialed-up but not aggressively so. I'm very happy at $60, not sure how available this is or if it will be around, would love to see it regularly on shelves / bars.