I bought my first bottle of bourbon about ten years ago, in order to have a 'fancy' drink to toast with my little brother before he shipped off for basic training the next morning. The lady at my local ABC store recommended Makers Mark. Last month, my dad bought another bottle to toast that same little brother's graduation from CU-Boulder on the GI Bill.

Between that first bottle of Makers and today, my taste have grown and so has my bar. I lived in Boulder, CO, for a while, then moved back here to NC, so I've experienced the selection of large, private liquor stores and the low prices of the gov't run operation. I'm here to learn more and get inspired to try new bottles.

On the bar right now:

EC21 and Stagg Jr, (both thanks to Argonaut Liquor in Denver on the way to DIA after my brother's graduation )

EWSB 2003/2004
Sazerac 6Y
Michters Sour Mash
Lock Stock and Barrel
George Dickel Barrel Select

Just finished: Jefferson 10Y Rye