Has anybody here ever had a problem with newly bought bourbon either leaking or evaporating from the bottle because of a defective or questionable cork stopper?

I bought a bottle of Elijah Craig 12 yr. a week ago. Since then, I've opened it twice and poured a few drinks. Last night as I was reaching for another bottle, I noticed the EC cork stopper looked completely dry. I pulled the stopper out of the bottle and, sure enough, it was. I replaced the stopper and turned the bottle upside down to wet the cork. When I did that, the bourbon began leaking out of the bottle at an alarming rate. No matter how I turned the cork, there was always some amount of leakage from the bottle, so I knew the seal was not what it should be.

I found an empty Weller bottle with a screw cap and was preparing to empty the EC into the Weller bottle. But one last try at turning the cork seemed to produce a good seal. I checked the cork this morning and it seems to be moist and there is no leakage when I turn the bottle upside down.

When I first opened this bottle last week, it seemed way too easy to pull the cork out . Either the stopper is slightly small or there are cuts in the cork that make a good seal difficult.

Maybe some of these woes are listed elsewhere on this forum. But has anybody else had this problem? Ever had any significant evaporation of bourbon take place from a defective seal??