Alright I am sure there are other people out there looking for a friendly primer in the art of cigar appreciation, I for sure would like to know. I was searching around the web before it struck me: I have a friendly, knowledgeable group I can ask already. So I am gonna fire away with all the questions I have been wanting to ask, and please feel free to pitch in and help me where you can.

1) Where did the term "herf" come from?

2)Though I am looking for a punch cutter all I have at the moment is a give-away guillotine. So my question is, where is the proper point to make the cut?? I think I may have cut my (only,heh) cigar to far in, and it may have hindered the experience.

3) Is there an alternative to a humidor for someone who may only want to have 3-4 cigars around, but doesnt smoke often enough to use them quickly/doesnt have a good smoke shop locally??

4) Are all the sizes of a line (e.g. The Punch Gran Puro Line) the same (like as in makeup) except for the size?

5) What do natural & maduro refer to, and what is the difference between them?

6) Can you suggest any good online cigar retailers, as I am in a bit of a bind, being there are no good smoke shopes within 40 miles (I have searches)??

I am sure I will think of more questions as the day progresses but this is a good start. Thank you all in advance. I am sure you will be a big help.

Tom (Cigar Newbie) C