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    Tullamore Phoenix

    Recently tried TD Phoenix and just recommended it in another thread to someone who likes Redbreast and wants to try another Irish. Just wondering if anyone else partaken of it yet. I've tried my share of Irish whiskey and have to say this one is my favorite. Its a limited offering bottled at 55%ABV, non chill filtered- a TD blend with more than the usual amount of pot still. It holds water very well to calm it down without being easily drown. At around $55 I was a little hesitant, and I'm not crazy about the over done box that it comes in (typical of limited editions), but I'm glad I went for it. Just thought I'd pass this along. If anyone likes TD 12 year, but wants some more complexity and heat with more pot still and a touch less sweetness, this one is well worth the admission price. Of course, as always, we all have our own palate and preferences, so I'd love to hear what other folks think of this one if anyone has tried it.

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    Re: Tullamore Phoenix

    I got a review sample sent my way and thoroughly enjoyed it too. A big improvement on DEW in my opinion.

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    Re: Tullamore Phoenix

    I have posted my thoughts about the Phoenix in other threads, but I think it is excellent. It is in my top 3 Irish along with PJL and Redbreast CS. Each of them, with their full flavor and higher proof, make it more difficult when I try to go back to the typical 80 proof Irish whiskeys, many of which are still very good in their own right.



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