It is a little early in the season for such things, but on my last trip to the state store I notice with great pleasure that they had decided to carry it this year, and snatched a bottle right up! As the side label (reminiscent of an EW 7 year bottle, but in Egg Nog Cream and green)states:

"Evan Williams set up his distillery in Bourbon country in 1783 and is historiacally recognized as Kentucky's First Distiller. An ever since these colonial times, Southerners have made egg nog blended with Bourbon a part of their seasonal celbrations. This original Southern-style egg nog brings all this tradition and heritage home to you in a special treat for the holidays."

It says the egg nog has Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Blended Whiskey, rum and brandy added.

I must say that I was very suprised at the quality of this egg nog. Most of the already bottled with spirits nogs I have had were nearly undrinkable. It tastes like they even used pretty decent dairy products in it (though unchilled dairy products give me the willies. . .). While I dont think it will replace my home made egg nog recipe completely, I must admit that it will be a regular repurchase during this and future holiday seasons. At $6.99 for 750 ml its a fairly solid but.

Tom (full of holiday cheer) C