I know that Chuck has said for a while now that he had heard about an expansion at MM. His information was correct. It's now official. I got an Ambassador e-mail from MM yesterday. The story also was released today from a couple of other sources. I've included two links this time. The Fox news link is just the basic story about the MM expansion. The story from Kentuky.com is basically the same, but they have also added a bit about a couple of other things going on in bourbon world.

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Below is the MM Ambassador e-mail just for good measure.

We’re committed to two things: Making great bourbon, and selling it the right way. If you’re not yet of legal purchase age, this isn’t for you.

Dear Ambassador,

We have some pretty big news down here at the distillery to share with you. And it’s good news – because it’s all about making more of your whisky in precisely our very own Maker’s Mark® way.

After a lot of hard work on the part of a lot of people around here, we’re about to break ground on a third still at our historic distillery. But not just any still. The new one will be right next to the two existing stills that currently produce every drop of Maker’s Mark® – and it’ll be identical in every way to them.

We’re doing this because, as you’re well aware, Maker’s Mark Bourbon takes time to age to perfection, and that’s left us running a bit short of supply in recent years due to the ever-increasing demand from all of you. We sure are grateful to you for that. The new still will help – eventually, that is, once the whisky is fully aged to taste.

But again, every aspect of our purposefully inefficient process of handcrafting our bourbon will remain just as it’s always been. We’ll continue to use only water from our limestone spring-fed lake right here on our property. We’ve tracked down another antique rollermill that gently breaks up our grain for cooking without scorching it. We’ll still be rotating every barrel by hand throughout the warehouse for optimal aging. We’ll continue hand-tearing every label. And, of course, every bottle will continue to be hand-dipped in our signature red wax just before it leaves the distillery.

In short, we’ll still do all the things my grandfather, Bill Samuels, Sr., did by hand all those years ago to create the uniquely full-bodied yet easy-to-drink whisky he was searching for. Check out what we're talking about here:


Come down and see us sometime so we can show you around, and you can see some other improvements we’re making to the visitor experience, as well. If I don’t see you at the distillery, I sure hope to see you at a Maker’s Mark event in the near future.


Rob Samuels
Ambassador in Chief

P.S. If you have any idea where we could find a second 1930s-era Chandler & Price letterpress to help create more of our hand-torn labels, we’d be real happy to hear from you.

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