Makers is one of my favorites, I always have one in the cabinet. First bourbon I started drinking.

Before my wife and I got married, I found out that her great-grandmother, and more of her family was from Lebanon, KY. I thought, "sweet!, we need to go visit Maker's Mark...err, I mean your family!" That trip did happen a couple times, and started a nice tradition of visiting distilleries in KY.

So Maker's Mark has a place in my heart. I sometimes have a straight pour of MM at home, but mostly use it to make my most favorite mixed drink: A Kentucky Redgrass. Maker's and cranberry juice. Man that is great on a hot day. For some reason that drink does not work for me with a rye based bourbon, or other whiskey in general. But Maker's, and any of the Weller's make a mean Kentucky Redgrass.

And yes, I participated in the Ambassador program. It was enjoyable.