Somebody mentioned having a mini bottle and it occurred to me that I had one sitting around from Xmas. I haven't had a pour in a year or so, and I was pleasantly surprised by it last night. It's still too young and too expensive, but for a few minutes I stopped worrying about that.

Maker's was my first bourbon love, for the reasons mentioned above. Living in WV, especially before some of the new laws passed these past few years, has been pretty desolate for beer and liquor. JB, JD, and MM were the only options most everywhere. Consequently I have a lot of great memories surrounding the Maker's Mark product. I got married with a flask full of MM in my jacket pocket, and drank a few additional bottles throughout that day I took a bottle of 46 to the Greenbrier for our first anniversary. It's "the one that brought me" so maybe I should dance with her more often.