A novice tippler and slow drinker myself, I like to have a little more bourbon around than whatever's open.
I find myself thinking about these spirits and shopping for them maybe a little too often sometimes.

I find myself kind of collecting whiskeys. I don't collect as a profit-speculator.
Walletwise, it has seemed more logical for me and quicker to collect samples from the lower pricepoints.
Tastewise, I get things I want to try.

I find comfort in that in an emergency, even that 750ml of rotgut will probably be worth more to me than the money I spent getting it.
I mean - in a hypothetical freak 12ft snowstorm - I can't do much with the greenbacks
but the bourbon will still tipple, share, trade, sanitize, burn and when the whiskey's gone I have a resealable, watertight container.

Is it normal to keep a "stash"?
How does one know when one has gone off the deep end?