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    A whiskey gent from NJ

    Hello, my name is Dan and I am from New Jersey.

    I'd like to thank everyone here at StraightBourbon.
    This website is an incredible resource with information and discussions on such an array of subjects.

    Whiskey Bio:
    My first taste of whiskey was poured in cola at a wedding.
    Then scotch in a moment of thought with a friend enjoying a cigar.
    I believe learning to appreciate cigars has helped me to appreciate whiskey.
    I approached cigar smoking by sitting and relaxing, often for an hour or more, while focused on the experience.
    It was said to me that a cigar is best savored with a complimenting drink with complexity such as whiskey.

    The first whiskey that sold itself to me was a bottle of Jack Daniel's single barrel packaged with a pair of tumblers.
    Something drew me to it. I was in the store, saw it and then I was buying it.
    I sipped it one dram at a time with two ice cubes or neat.
    As a single barrel product, it impressed upon my mind that it should be savored slowly, not guzzled.
    I think taking my time with it helped to open up my palate for whiskey.

    When I finished that bottle I thought what should I get next? what would also be delicious?
    I didn't know, I hadn't a clue.

    I went to the store and stared at the whiskey section.
    'Why is this 750ml bottle worth that much more than this 750ml bottle?' I thought.
    I ended up getting Heaven Hill white label and JD Tennessee Honey.

    I went through a couple of bottles of Tennessee Honey and then Jeremiah Weed bourbon liqueur.
    Then I just got over the liqueurs - it wasn't doing it for me anymore.
    I stuck with the HH with the club soda and that became my drink.
    Next I tried Evan Williams black label and Buffalo Trace.

    I don't know when the whiskey bug really bit me, but I had been very slowly emptying the bottles with a weekly whiskey & soda or two and it started to click.
    I realized I wasn't appreciating whiskey for the complex and tasty beast it is.
    I do still enjoy whiskey and club but now only occasionally.

    Neat bourbon has become my dram of choice, with a glass of water near by.

    I glossed over the interwebs and read some n00b oriented articles where I picked up adding a drop of water, and also some ideas about nosing. I've only just begun to be aware of 'legs.'

    I'm enjoying selecting, buying and reading about the whiskeys that I might get to try.

    I really enjoy that this website has a bourbon of the month feature, which is tantalizing to read about.

    Currently open whiskey/whisky bottles:

    EW 1783
    OGD bib
    Rittenhouse Rye bib
    Tullamore D.E.W.
    The Glenlivet 12 yr
    Bowmore 12 yr

    My next mission is to snag a glencairn glass.

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    Re: A whiskey gent from NJ

    Welcome. Nice, poetic, free verse bio. Being ham-handed, I use a sommelier's tasting glass for neat pours. Always afraid I'd bite a Glencairn. Isn't that EWB something?

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    Re: A whiskey gent from NJ

    Welcome Dan, glad you've joined us.

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    Re: A whiskey gent from NJ

    Welcome to the conversation, Dan. Glad you're jumping in.
    You've some nice drams open on your bar. Keep tasting and sampling new ones, and before long you'll have many more, I trust. There are certainly many, many Bourbons worth the cost, and depending on your preferences, possibly many you'll need to add to the collection. They don't need to be expensive to be good, either. OGD 114 is great, as is EWB, Wild Turkey 101, and none will break the bank. Have FUN!!!

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    Re: A whiskey gent from NJ

    Thank you.

    Rich, I will be sure to pick up some of those soon. I'm excited to taste OG 114, I read a thread on it here which got my curiosity piqued.
    I'm really enjoying perusing the whiskey sections and making the hard choices of who's coming home with me! ^_^

    I feel pretty grateful to be in a time and place where I can get tasty affordable pours. I'm also lucky my palate so far is not a bank breaker!!

    Harry in DC, Yessir. I was pleasantly surprised by the drinkability of EWB. I keep a bottle of it around, like a Swiss army bourbon.

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    Re: A whiskey gent from NJ

    Welcome from IL! Spent 3 years in Southern NJ several years ago while in the AF at McGuire AFB, and really liked the area. Picked up my Glencairn glasses at Crate and Barrel, if you can find one of those near you.

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    Re: A whiskey gent from NJ

    Hey RedOne. Thanks for the tip. I live about 15mins from the base complex.



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