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    Wasmund Single Malt

    I question whether there is really much of a market for such a thing, but Rick Wasmund is making a pretty convincing American scotch (blasphemy, I know). When I first tasted his product, many years ago, it was awful. Another more recent try showed much improvement. I had some this past weekend because I was doing an appearance in Virginia and wanted the group to taste something local. I believe if you poured it for any casual whiskey drinker and said it was scotch, they wouldn't disagree. Again, part of me wonders if we really need American-made scotches, but that's what Rick has been trying to make and with his most recent effort he has succeeded pretty well.

    If nothing else, it's a way to drink scotch without sending your money any further than Virginia.

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    Re: Wasmund Single Malt

    and at $37 for 96 proof, not a bad price for small production given today's "craft" prices.

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    Re: Wasmund Single Malt

    Chuck's post encouraged me to find the Wasmund's SM we bought circa 2008. We have about 3/4 of it left. As I recall, it was not hefty enough for a Lagavulin 16 drinker (my wife) and not charry enough for me (Bourbon, please, with a few charcoal briquettes and leave the bottle). So it sat in the back of the cabinet. While looking for it, I also found a half-full Wasmund's Rye Spirit I'd forgotten about - 124 proof and "less than 30 days old" or so its Jan 2010 label says. Bought it during one of my several white whiskey experimental phases - "they" experimented, and I was a willing subject.

    As BBB says, Wasmund's prices are competitive with other craft offerings. A bonus for me is that I know that they put out ok products 4-6 years ago. To paraphrase Henry Gibson's character in "Nashville", "They must be doing something right to last . . ." to 2014. Time for a SBS.



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