This post should go in the Industry News section, but since I don't have access to that forum I will place it here.

In today's Courier-Journal Brown-Forman announced its promotion of my former boss, Chris Morris to Director of Marketing Excellence and Master Distiller. Now don't worry, they have not fired Lincoln Henderson, Chris is just his heir apparent. For the next several years he will be working under Lincoln to learn all of the ropes. The fact is Chris has already learned many of the ropes and is well qualified to take this position. For those of you who have never met Chris I will give you some background on his qualifications.

Chris' father is retired from Brown-Forman and Chris worked his way through college by working B-F warehouses in the summer. After college he went to work for Brown-Forman as a salesman in Texas and then Georgia. He earned two master's degree in this time: one in marketing and one in History. He left Brown-Forman to take a marketing position at Glenmore. When United Distillers bought Glenmore he became the head of the Heritage Department in the U.S. and was my boss. While at U.D. he was instramental in producing several new products. He re-introduced James E. Pepper Bourbon for the overseas market. He created the Bourbon Heritage Collection and the Rare Bourbons. He (and I by the fact that I worked for him) helped pick out the whiskey that went into each of these brands. He also helped with the creation of the Rx bourbon brand for overseas. Chris left U.D. and then went back to work for Brown-Forman in marketing where he has worked with the revival of Old Forester with the new bottle and increased advertising. He also worked with the Woodford Reserve and other premium brands. He has been honored by the Scotch whisky industry and the Tequila industry for his knowledge and tasting abilities. As Master Distiller at Brown-Forman I think we can look forward to some new and exciting products based upon his knowledge of the industry's heritage.

I hope you all join me in Congratulating Chris on this promotion.

Mike Veach