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    Sazerac 18yrs or Thomas Handy

    I can not decide which one to get either the Sazerac 18yrs 2012 Fall or Thomas Handy 2010 i have the 2011 Saz and 11,12 Handy Bottles. Your views and thoughts please Robbie

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    Re: Sazerac 18yrs or Thomas Handy

    oh my, this is only a question you can answer.

    But if I was answering it for myself , I will pick Saz18 without even thinking about it. This is from someone who loved age ryes of the old days such as Saz18 and don't really like THH too much. I still have a THH from 2009 that is still half full and starting to learn to enjoy it. Others here love THH.

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    Re: Sazerac 18yrs or Thomas Handy

    Robbie am I to understand you have both Saz and THH on hand but are asking which to choose between the most recent expressions? Get both of course and be thankful you are in a position to get either.
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    Re: Sazerac 18yrs or Thomas Handy

    Agree with both Hugh and squire. Only you can make that decision, and the answer is to get both

    If it were me personally, I'd actually go with the THH, but I am odd like that. I do like aged ryes, but for some reason haven't gotten the same charge from Saz 18 as my BMH18 or others.
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    Re: Sazerac 18yrs or Thomas Handy

    Seeing where you're from, do I dare ask how much these bottles are? My usual response would be to get both, but I'm guessing you're looking at $200+ per bottle.
    "Bottom line: sometimes things work out this way in life. It doesn't matter how well you've planned; you're just f**ked, and that's that" - The Boss

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    Re: Sazerac 18yrs or Thomas Handy

    The Saz has that "Once it's gone, it's gone" attraction, that is hard to overcome. Plus, there really isn't anything around like it currently. But, the Handy is a spectacular barrel proof ball buster that is so chewy and thick, that it is totally mesmerizing to me. I enjoy the Handy more, but you may never see another Saz 18. Seeing where you are, and all, go with the Saz18, and hope you get another shot at a Handy one day. Or, let your Whiskirexia Nervosa get the best of you, and get both...

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    Re: Sazerac 18yrs or Thomas Handy

    Saz hands down, not even a contest.

    Handy is good, no doubt there but Saz will be a near religious experience once you taste it. Then you want more.

    Dam, to be faced with a dilemma like that. I envy you.


    Says the guy who is counting the weeks down to scoop some aged Ritt from the honey hole store.
    "Life is life and fun is fun, but it's all so quiet when the goldfish die."

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    Re: Sazerac 18yrs or Thomas Handy

    My vote goes for the Saz 18.

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    Re: Sazerac 18yrs or Thomas Handy

    Get both. Don't look back 6 months from now and say "why didn't I get the__________too". (You fill in the blank.)
    Its just money, there are trillions of dollars out there, but only a very few good bottles of bourbon. Enjoy them while they are there, you may not see them again.

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    Re: Sazerac 18yrs or Thomas Handy

    you already have to handy's and only one saz. with another saz in larder, you'll feel more comfortable with sitting back and enjoying it.



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