A "Chartreuse" dinner at Holeman & Finch last night. Very enjoyable. Mostly drinking the four standards on their own (green and yellow as well as the VEP versions of both) but several cocktails were included. Started with green chartreuse and Cava (a dry Spanish sparkling wine). Next was a Last Word variation with gin, green chartreuse, lime juice and a bar made ginger/fenugreek (sometimes used in curry but didn't seem that spicy to me) shrubb substituting for maraschino. Pretty good but hard to duplicate and I think I prefer the original. Second cocktail featured yellow chartreuse with Bonal, Botran white rum, lime juice and peychauds bitters. I liked it but it was not the hit of the table. Definitely had a dry and moderately bitter finish despite the heavy sweetness of the yellow chartreuse. I definitely now know I prefer green over yellow and VEP green over VEP yellow. The surprise of the night was the appearance of Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal, the original "medicinal" form of the liqueur, at 138 proof. It is rarely seen in the US as it is not available and has to be carried home from Europe. Will definitely fix what ails you!

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Food was good as well. Some of lightest and most buttery yet savory tasting foie gras torchon I have ever had!