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That sounds a bit too sweet for my tastes but I'll give it a shot when I am reunited with my bar in October. I've been having trouble finding uses for that Snap.
If you like Arrack and Maraschino might I suggest the Airbag. An overly complicated but tasty concoction. I usually don't bother with the flamed Laphroaig cherry and just toss one in at the end. Can spritz it with a nice peaty scotch or if you have time soak a few.

The Snoop Lion (or Fo'Swizzle) might be a bit sweet for your tastes but seemed to be a popular drink at my last gathering for Labor Day. Dry white grapefruit juice is a must. But it is more of a warm weather libation.

One I have been meaning to try (if only for the name alone!) but haven't yet is the Hemingway Stripper Pole!