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    Re: BOTM 4/14: Weller Special Reserve

    Well since I've never had lot B you might get me on that one but then again maybe I wouldn't enjoy lot B either.

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    Re: BOTM 4/14: Weller Special Reserve

    I have had Lot B, and won't buy another bottle. Not that it was bad or awful, but I just didn't get the kind of value out of it the price commands.

    If Joe sneaks into the BT Board room though, don't have them kill W12 . . . unless they issue "Weller Special Blend" (or simply Weller SB . . . has a nice ring to it!), which might use some 12 yr old wheated and 7 year old wheated . . . heck, let 'em play with the proof a bit (ideally the end result is north of 100, but who knows how W12 at a higher proof would mingle with OWA).
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    Re: BOTM 4/14: Weller Special Reserve

    This is one I've never tried because I get so much mileage out of OWA and Weller 12 either on their own or in the SB blend.
    Has anyone had any successful vattings of WSR with either of the above or something else? That might convince me to try a bottle.
    Oh heck.....who am I trying to fool. This is an eminently affordable bottle and it's not like I'm afraid to spring for something new. Time to buck up.

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    Re: BOTM 4/14: Weller Special Reserve

    WOW a BOTM I have!! I bought a WSR early in my tour of bourbondom after reading all the raves from Weller fans. I got it for 9.99 and have had several neat pours. WSR is educational I'll give it that. I learned the meaning of (in bourbon terms) "young and hot", the opposite of what I historically associated with those terms. I also learned that I like W12 much more, the rough edges mellowed with the additional age even at the higher proof and how that age developed flavor absent in its younger sibling. I quickly stopped consuming WSR as a neat pour, instead it is my go to mixer for visitors that wish to combine their whisky with soda. Neat I just find SR too harsh without enough depth of flavor to be of interest. I agree with Joe, keep this stock in the barrel longer and put it to better use, I can find plenty of other inexpensive mixers.

    I have only had the NAS WSR so perhaps the age stated version was a different beast.

    All that said I am glad to have had it as it was a building block toward defining my personal preferences. WSR is not my thing on its own but the low cost to A/B with W12 or OWA is well worth the time.

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    Re: BOTM 4/14: Weller Special Reserve

    I have one of those odd-duck new shape bottles with the age statement and let me tell you what, the presence of that number didn't alleviate the heat. It was like you early on in my journey and nearly turned me off from the Weller line entirely.

    Its still at my in-laws, I'll have a nip whenever I'm there, hoping it has mellowed with airtime, but it hasn't yet.

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    Re: BOTM 4/14: Weller Special Reserve

    Quote Originally Posted by squire View Post
    Pour it in a Lot B bottle and you would get rave comments from your friends.
    Agreed. Great value, IMO.

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    Re: BOTM 4/14: Weller Special Reserve

    I've had a number of store selection bottles, both NAS and age stated, that to me were very good. Sure, a little higher proof would be welcome but these were all very flavorful and far from being bland.

    That being said, today I passed up 2 bottles of age stated that were $26.99 each. Seems like the store was trying to cash in on that "7" on the label
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    Re: BOTM 4/14: Weller Special Reserve

    Quote Originally Posted by smokinjoe View Post
    Frankly, this whiskey bores me to tears. Not much nose, not much taste, and not much finish, for me. It is simply too diluted at 90 proof. Where Weller shines for me at 107, it drinks totally flat at 90. If I could get a seat at the big BT boardroom table, I'd propose 86ing this iteration, and redirect the barrels to OWA. FWIW, I'd also shitcan the Weller 12, and only have the OWA, but at a solid 7-8 yr min age (I wouldn't go totally crazy by asking for the sole offering yo be 10 yr @ 100 proof...).

    I only sell plastic in my spare time...
    Shitcan all of it and reinstate the 10/100!

    FWIW, WSR is nice, but not meaningfully cheaper than OWA where I am ($18 vs $22, abd I find drink enough to feel the difference) so it never makes sense to but it.

    I don't think it's different than OWA watered to 90 proof, and I've done the SBS.

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    Re: BOTM 4/14: Weller Special Reserve

    I am a big fan of the Louisville WSR7, but the current offering has a heavy astringent note that is really off-putting. I wouldn't turn people away from it, but I would surely recommend the OWA or W12 before the WSR.

    The regular age stated Frankfort bottling is better than the NAS bottle based on my experience, but it's been a few years since I have bought any WSR. Might have to pick one up for science in the near future.

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    Re: BOTM 4/14: Weller Special Reserve

    Wish I could find some. Haven't seen any in NJ



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